Do you feel like having too many responsibilities? Do you feel like your job might be sometimes too time-consuming? Would you like to have more time for yourself? Do you have to choose between spending time with family and being with yourself? Do you sometimes struggle to focus on your work and be creative but nothing comes to your mind and you just would like to disappear so everybody leaves you alone?

A balanced life, meaning not only a certain amount of work, family life, chores and obligations but also time for yourself, including a proper rest + doing things that you like and feel passionate about is a key to inner peace. Moreover, having that feeling inside, you radiate with good energy that impacts other people, including your family members, friends and work environment.


Those who:

  • feel overwhelmed with duties

  • feel as if they were to explode if nothing changes

  • feel that they need to cut working hours and focus more on personal life

  • don’t have a personal life because they only work

  • feel lack of motivation, energy, power and don’t know what to do about it


  • together we will find the reasons for your current state and solution so you can feel in balance

  • you will understand your personal roadblocks which hinder your efforts to live the life you want

  •  It is sometimes impossible to find the answers by ourselves – often we need a helping hand, an expert, who knows how to lead us towards the right direction by asking you powerful questions and taking into account your own pace, needs, character 


Monthly package


4 coaching sessions per month
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Weekly tasks

3-month package


13 coaching sessions per month
Additional contact via Whatsapp/email
Weekly tasks