Moving up the ladder to Your Own Business

6-month group bootcamp that’ll take you from thinking about starting a business to DOING IT


… you want to become an entrepreneur and…

… you want to start a business but…

… you don’t know where to start with or…

… you already know but you have so many doubts and insecurities that hinder your actions…

… you feel overwhelmed with things which need to be done at first place…

… you really want to start but you are affraid you won’t get any clients…

… you are affraid to risk.



A 6-month bootcamp “Moving up the Ladder to Your Own Business” is based on the Moving up the Ladder® menthod which comprises of 6 unique modules that will take you from the idea of running a business to the point where you actually run it.

Module 1: The WHY approach.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world and as many entrepreneurs who wake up every morning with the aim to do what they love. Before even thinking about establishing the solid foundations for your company, first, you need to know WHY you want to do what you want to do. You see, there were many wise and hard-working people who had an idea and managed to reach the clients but it was a long time ago when the competition was insignificant. Nowadays, without the strong WHY you can float on the ocean of services but you will never get to the point where you want to sail.

Module 2: The HOW approach

After discovering your WHY, it is time to look at your HOW. The question you need to answer yourself is “how do I want to use my WHY so it can be beneficial for my clients”? At this level, it is also crucial to check if your HOW will resonate with the needs of your potential clients – is there a need for my services? Will there be an interest in what I am offering?

Module 3: Handling objections

This is the module that will interlace with other actions all the time. Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is not only about action steps. It is also about your mindset, your ability to raise up after you fall down, it is the power to perceive failures as lessons to be learned not as roadblocks obstructing your entrepreneurial journey. You will learn how to overcome objections and move forward no matter what

Module 4: Action plan

Being equipped with all the necessary tools, you are now ready to start acting. In this module, you will create a strategy for your business, an action plan and you will use your calendar to set deadlines.

Module 5: Step-by-step

It is time to start acting in accordance with the plan. Remember, it is never as ideal as planned – even though we have all things set up there is always something that happens differently than we expected. Whatever life brings, the tools you’ve learnt + the support of both expert (myself) and the group will help you to overcome anything so you can move forward and start your company

Module 6: On the top of the Ladder

This module is designed for entrepreneurs who have already taken the first steps in their business but still need support in their daily activities.


1. You will establish your company

2. You will get rid of the fears that stop you from becoming an entrepreneur

3. Learn the tools to stay motivated

4. Learn to manage obstacles if they appear on your entrepreneurial journey


– High-Level Strategic Consulting & Coaching Group Breakthrough Calls (weekly)

– Google Docs

– Access to a Private Group where you can ask questions anytime in between calls

– Lifetime access to the programme materials

– BONUS: One 60-minute one-on-one coaching session where we will focus on reaching your goal

Breakthrough Calls:

Will take place every Tuesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm (CET).
The calls will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t always make it on time.


€ 139 inc. VAT (regular price is 739 €)



In order to secure your spot, apply for a 15 min. call with me.