The entrepreneurial journey begins in your head. It is when you decide to move from nine to five into self-owned business. This is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Nevertheless after the decision is being made all other steps become a domino effect.
Being an entrepreneur is an amazing journey full of joyful moments, satisfaction but also challenges and turns of events. A good strategy, consistency, discipline, focus are important features which go hand in hand with self-trust and confidence, ability to stand up each time after you fall down, ability to deal with the feeling of loneliness and frustration.


For those who want to move from 9-5 into being an entrepreneur 


  • who don’t know yet what exactly they want to do but they already know that they have to change


  • who know what they want to do but don’t know yet how


  • who know what they want and how they want it but need somebody to be accountable to


For those who already are entrepreneurs


  • Strive against procrastination, analysis-paralysis, motivation


  • Look for alternative ways to find clients


  • Want to boost their communication skills with customers


  • Want to balance professional and private life


  • Look for new inspirations, ideas, goals