It has been a while now since you have discovered that something has to change in your life. OTHERWISE YOU WILL EXPLODE.

This feeling has been instantly growing in you. First, there were only slightly perceptible signs appearing in your head from time to time. After some time, more and more questions began popping into your head. Currently, you know that the time has come to take your life into your own hands.


  • Women who want to find their goal in life, not necessarily related to finding a job 

  • Mothers who are on maternity leave and they begin thinking about what to do after their children go to nursery/kindergarten/school 

  • Women who have a full-time job but they no longer have any motivation/pleasure/energy to continue this way 

  • Women who want to open a new chapter in their life, including their professional life


  • Very often we live the life of somebody else’s – our parents’, partner’s, husband’s not knowing exactly what is actually “our thing to do” – coaching sessions will help you to take off the layers put on you troughout your life (like peeling an onion) and reach the core – real you 

  • It is sometimes impossible to find the answers by ourselves – often we need a helping hand, an expert, who knows how to lead us towards the right direction by asking you powerful questions and taking into account your own pace, needs, character 

  • What we think about ourselves is often only in our head – the reality is different, often definitelly more optimistic than we may see; coaching sessions will help you to look at yourself in a completely new way 

  • In order to change we sometimes need somebody to be accountable to – that’s when the coach is needed 


Monthly package


4 coaching sessions per month
Additional contact via Whatsapp/email
Weekly tasks

3-month package


13 coaching sessions per month
Additional contact via Whatsapp/email
Weekly tasks