Your everyday entrepreneurial life is full of challenges, unexpected plot twists, sometimes positive ones, other times putting down your whole motivation. Wearing different hats is normality - human resources, sales, marketing, spokesperson, you name it!

All of these daily activities require not only a solid daily planner but also the ability to stand up each time you fall down, rediscover motivation, believe in yourself and trust gut feelings. Without the knowledge of tools used to deal with procrastination, analysis-paralysis, without the ability to take a step back to see the bigger picture life of an entrepreneur might be very tough.


Through coaching: 

  • You will learn tools to deal with the biggest challenges 

  • You will understand the reasons for your roadblocks and learn how to deal with them 

  • You will discover your limiting beliefs and the impact of past events on your entrepreneurial actions 

  • You will start trusting yourself more and believing in your powers


To everyone who feels in tune with these statements: 

  • I often deal with analysis-paralysis 

  • I experience self-doubt 

  • I’m the biggest barrier to my growth 

  • I allow my emotions to get the best of my work 

  • I compare too much my work to others 

  • My personal issues influence my approach towards work 

  • Managing my time is a challenge 

  • I am stuck with a problem and I don’t know where to go 

  • I have difficulties with focusing on the project 

  • I lack motivation 

  • I am struggling with communication with my staff/customers