We all want the best for our children but sometimes we think that “the best” means “perfect”. Meanwhile, what our children need is a mother good enough. Not a perfect mother because such a mother doesn’t exist. It is a myth.

A mother good enough is the one who takes care of her child as much as she can. In order for the child to develop in a healthy way it needs to feel safe, seen- it knows you care and pay attention to its life, soothed - it knows you will be there for him/her if it is hurting, secure - feels like that because of having all of the previous three, then it means you are a mother good enough.


  • If you think of yourself as a “bad” mother

  • If the feeling of guilt crosses your mind way too often

  • If you second guess yourself as a mother way too many times

  • If you feel a big pressure from your family, friends, the society


  • What we think about ourselves is often only in our head – the reality is different, often definitely more optimistic than we may see; coaching sessions will help you to look at yourself in a completely new way 

  • coaching session will make you trust yourself and believe in your own capabilities as a mother

  • Being in a space where you are not judged, where you are listened to and fully accepted will help you to strengthen your self-confidence and discover who do you really want to be as a mother