Being a leader is not only about inborn personality traits. It is a skill that should be practised every day. Therefore the leader, management team member, supervisor and expert should not be left alone with his/her challenges.
As an outside impartial reflector I will help you understand which limiting beliefs, old habits, past events or other roadblocks influence your leadership style.
Together we will not only discover and understand them but first and foremost we will transform them so you can be fully effective and trust yourself in all undertaken actions.


  • A coaching session is like looking at the mirror. I tell you what I hear which might be different from what you’ve been hearing and thinking about yourself


  • During the coaching process, you have the opportunity to discover, understand and examine your weak points, gain a better perspective about your abilities and how to use them better


  • Society expects leaders to make right decisions and speak out loud only if they have something wise or constructive to say. During coaching sessions you don’t have to be wise or constructive – you can finally be yourself and express all thoughts that you’ve been carrying with you for a long time. Speaking out loud not only helps to reflect on your own thoughts but also vent all the emotions that have been hidden from the world. Moreover, sometimes right answers to difficult questions arise if you release your thoughts and emotions



  • Having an accountable and trustful person next to you speeds up the process of change and helps to undertake steps which wouldn’t be easy to take alone 


For all leaders, members of the management team, supervisors, professionals who feel in tune with these statements: 

  • I second-guess myself way too often 

  • I have a hard time committing to a single plan 

  • I often deal with analysis-paralysis 

  • I experience self-doubt 

  • I’m the biggest barrier to my growth 

  • I allow my emotions to get the best of my work 

  • I compare too much my work to others