Cooperation with Ewelina was definitely beyond my expectations. Only after the two first sessions, I made a decent step forward - I became more effective at work and learnt to set boundaries for my clients, especially with those expecting things to be done by yesterday. I also reduced my working hours from 10-12 to 8-9. [...]

Stephanie Cohen

Stephanie Cohen, English Language Coach at My English Habit - I am so thankful to have met Ewelina! Not only is she an incredibly kind and empathetic coach and person, but she takes the time to make sure that you have all of the tools that you need in order to tackle the challenges you [...]

Živilė Stumbrienė

Živilė Stumbrienė, Business Owner at Valge Spalve - There are many limiting beliefs we have in our heads that make sometimes difficult for us to move forward with our business. We are never good enough to ourselves, we often are afraid of what other people will think about us, when we fall down, we lose [...]

Magda Lenartowicz

Magdalena Lenartowicz, painter - Ewelina helped me to master the art of setting the boundaries which is so needed when running your own company. Since I remember, I’ve been struggling with saying “no” to people. As an adult, this problem intensified and caused many troubles both in my private and professional life. Ewelina helped me [...]

Tim Heath

The riches are in you but you need help to get them out - this is what Ewelina helped me to understand and turn into practice. If, as I was, you are unsure of what coaching like this offers, let me give you an example. It's not someone giving you all the answers. It's someone [...]

Mahitab Marzouk

I have tried many coaches and Ewelina is one of the few who follow the guidelines and respect the code of ethics while coaching. As a coach, I realize the importance of having a coach for myself. Currently the market is full of coaches and identifying a good one is not easy, to ensure he [...]

Łukasz Krupiński

Łukasz Krupiński, architect at AWL Arkitekter and Well Mind advisor at Spacearound - During the sessions I feel safe and free to be whoever I am. Ewelina guides so smoothly yet firmly that, even if my mind wanders, I always come to the result we set at the beginning of the session– whether it is [...]

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