Self-love, acceptance, esteem is connected to our past. It is built up by messages we heard from our parents, guardians, teachers, friends, partners, colleagues, bosses, society (…)

It doesn’t always have to be “you are not pretty”, “you are wrong”, “you are too fat”, “you are not intelligent enough”.

It could also be “are you sure you want to buy this dress? Maybe you will take the one I offered you?”, “I wish you were a boy, boys are much less complicated”, “don’t be so moody, nothing wrong happened”, “you did okay although you could do much better”.

Such expressions repeated continuously create the picture in the child’s head that it is not good enough.

Getting older doesn't erase this feeling – quite the opposite, it strengthens it and even though it is not true, it affects people’s lives and decisions.


  • trusting yourself and believing in your own capabilities is a key factor to living a happy life


  • being self-confident and accepting own limitations helps you to make good decisions in accordance with your own needs


  • what we think about ourselves is often only in our head – the reality is different, often definitely more optimistic than we may see; coaching sessions will help you to look at yourself in a completely new way


  • it is sometimes impossible to find the answers by ourselves – often we need a helping hand, an expert, who knows how to lead us towards the right direction by asking you powerful questions and taking into account your own pace, needs, character


For all women who would like to strengthen their self-confidence so they can:


  • feel inner peace and just start loving themselves

  • be more successful at work

  • have better relationships

  • fear less to act more in their business

  • firmly express their needs and set the boundaries