Dylan Jones, Editor-in-chief at the US Highland Outdoors monthly

Under Ewelina’s expert guidance, my journey of personal and professional growth has been productive, pivotal, and thoroughly enjoyable. Ewelina is a superb coach. She is approachable and friendly while simultaneously keeping things focused on her client’s growth and keeping the coach/client relationship professional and productive.

She has helped me make significant improvements in my life by helping me learn to manage my time effectively and efficiently, maintain motivation when it starts to slip and has provided crucial tools to help me figure out when and how to approach tackling various projects of my company.

She has also worked with me on a personal basis to identify what aspects of her coaching style I prefer and has tailored her program to employ the coaching methods and styles that work best for me. She has genuine care and interest in the goals and lives of her clients.

This is my first experience with coaching, and it has gone far above and beyond what I had expected/hoped for. If you’re looking to take your business, your personal goals, or your life to the next level, I highly recommend exploring your options with Ewelina through Me Beyond.

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