Ewelina gives you the space to understand yourself – and this is what makes her sessions powerful. I realised that after the first meeting with her – at the beginning I was very skeptic and didn’t understand, how am I going to take someone else’s advice or what will make me follow it through? How could she even understand what I am about in one or even few sessions?

All I can say now is that everything turned out to be different than I expected. Ewelina was not giving me any advice – she was just there to listen and to help you look at your problem from a totally different perspective. She would also ask this kind of questions you would never ask yourself and that is why your perspective changes enormously! Ewelina, in a very skillful and nonjudgmental way, took me to my “desired” self, who showed me a new understanding of things. It really felt like I was receiving advice from my true self! Coaching with Ewelina has been a truly unique experience for me. I recommend it, knowing it will help you figure out big or little things in your life.

Tim HeathŁukasz Martyniec

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