Thanks to Ewelina I realised that I don’t need to change everything and strive to be better all the time because I am already good at many things. I understood that my need for constant growth derives from the fact that I don’t accept myself fully as a person who has the right to be overwhelmed with a load of obligations and has the right to be tired while still being good enough.
Thanks to Ewelina I offered myself more support and allowed myself to rest more. Moreover, I understood that in order to become motivated you have to have energy and take care of yourself first.
Together with Ewelina we discovered the field in my life which needed to be changed in order to function better. Moreover, we’ve made a plan for a daily practice which would bring me to the desired outcome. Thanks to the possibility of informing Ewelina about my progress, I felt even more motivated by sending emails and could structure my thoughts in the desired direction. She gave me a lot of supportive words and a lot of to-the-point observations.
Ewelina’s questions were helping me to dive deep into the problem and get a broader picture of it. Her visualisation exercises were amazing and often made me feel warm and at peace. Each session made me feel more motivated and trustful that I can do it.


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