Cooperation with Ewelina was definitely beyond my expectations. Only after the two first sessions, I made a decent step forward – I became more effective at work and learnt to set boundaries for my clients, especially with those expecting things to be done by yesterday. I also reduced my working hours from 10-12 to 8-9. Thanks to all of that I am more in power of my own life – me, not my clients, is in charge of my time.
Ewelina supported me in organizing my working day better which actually boosted my perception of myself being an entrepreneur/ expert, and that lead me to the decision to raise my fees (which haven’t been changed for years). Currently, my working day is shorter, I am less tired, and I have time for my family.
Ewelina is concrete, mindful and able to point out the problem which is actually influencing your actions but somehow you cannot spot it by yourself. After a few sessions I gained a lot of positive energy, got back to painting (which relaxes me a lot) and felt that I can again spread my wings and fly.
Investing in sessions with Ewelina means investing in yourself.


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