Kasia Olszewska

I still remember my astonishment when asked by Ewelina, during our fifth session, if there is anything else she can do for me in terms of coaching. After scanning my body, feeling stability in my feet and ease while breathing I felt my inner-power capable of protecting me from the storm from the outer world. Surprisingly I answered: I know what I wanted to find out and got the outcome I aimed for!

I met Ewelina in the middle of a great live turmoil. That time I was certain that fixing all the problems and learning how to live in new reality would take months. Meanwhile, after several meetings with Ewelina, I breathed a sigh of relief. Thanks to her and her coaching methods I have noticed a strong and wise woman who was hiding behind unjust beliefs. Ewelina was invaluable support – offerting her assistance with a lot of empathy, and warmth but also with a dose of dynamics and motivation.

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