Łukasz Martyniec, CEO at Kancelaria Sukcesyjna Martyniec

As a leader working with a team of over ten people I need to look at my company from the bird’s-eye view. Understanding my team and leading them into the right direction while reaching the goals of my company at the same time is a challenge which I am now happy to face without any problems I had a long time ago, before meeting Ewelina. Her approach and style of coaching exceeded my expectations!

During a few months of cooperation she helped me to understand how I can deal with my issues so they don’t impact my business and are not repeated on and on again. The tools she uses are very different from those I have already known from the other coaching processes/sessions.

Thanks to Ewelina, I reminded myself how I really want my company to look like and how I can make it grow. After working with her, the majority of my problems/challenges simply vanished and were replaced by energy and action.

I am thankful to Ewelina for her time, effort, objectivity, amazing intuition and her heart put into our cooperation.

Dorota KuzmiczAleksandra Roolaid

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