Olga Kłosińska

Ewelina helped me to understand, respect and express my needs. She also taught me how to spot different angles of my problems I would never think of before. Even though I was in fact having conversations with my inner-self, Ewelina was guiding me by asking different, very accurate questions. Without her, I wouldn’t get so fast (or even at all) to the place where I managed to get and find the answers to the questions I was looking for. Each session ended up with a comprehensive summarization and conclusions for the future. She also equipped me with tools that I am using now in order to build new habits and forget about the old ones.  I also liked that each session ended up with a concrete resolution which helped me to bring the real change. This one though depends only on our determination. One of the things I will remember are visualisation exercises – this intimate experience is still vivid and will remain this way. Thank you, Ewelina!


Magda Lenartowicz

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