The riches are in you but you need help to get them out – this is what Ewelina helped me to understand and turn into practice. If, as I was, you are unsure of what coaching like this offers, let me give you an example. It’s not someone giving you all the answers. It’s someone helping you mine.  Through Ewelina’s questions and clever diagrams and pictures, she provided the pickaxe to help me find the gold, she provided the drill to let the oil gush. How she does this is also important––in a calm, everything-you-say-to-me-is-safe kind of way. Conversation is king, and trust. In a nutshell, if you are stuck in any business or professional situation––be it wanting that next breakthrough, wanting clarity on something, wanting confidence in yourself––then speak with Ewelina. Invest your time and resources into this small but important area. Because the gold is there, inside you, waiting––you just don’t realise that yet.

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