I was asked once what does it take for a woman to be strong and independent. I replied that it is about understanding oneself, knowing own expectations about life, accepting own weak sides and treating them with care and compassion. It is about setting the boundaries and making sure that own needs are being met. Only then a woman can feel strong and independent. Because all that she does in her life is in accordance with her.


For women who:


  • Are looking for themselves


  • Are looking for peace in their life


  • Want to strengthen self-confidence and gain self-trust


  • Want to learn to set the boundaries


  • Want to learn to communicate their needs


  • Want to learn how to find time for themselves


  • Want to become a mother good enough


  • Coaching session is a space where you focus on yourself fully – it is your time, you can finally talk about your problems, challenges, fears, troubles


  • Coaching sessions are aimed at solving problems – while working with an expert you will not only learn tools to handle the issue but with a help of an expert you will also get the outcome you want


  • You will be asked questions that might even not cross your mind but are helpful with dealing with your problems


  • You will change your approach to the current situation and learn to find solutions where it seems impossible


  • You will understand yourself more and discover your roadblocks, habits, patterns that hinder your progress


  • You will gain peace, self-acceptance and self-trust