Stephanie Cohen, English Language Coach at My English Habit – I am so thankful to have met Ewelina! Not only is she an incredibly kind and empathetic coach and person, but she takes the time to make sure that you have all of the tools that you need in order to tackle the challenges you face! Whether it’s figuring out how to manage my time better, dealing with procrastination (and other mental blocks I have), prioritizing what’s important to me and my life, or just having someone who will listen and understand where I’m coming from, Ewelina helped me get clarity on my outlook on work, family and my life and gave me strategies to implement them. I highly recommend Ewelina to anyone who is looking to reorganize their priorities to make their lives look more like the vision we all have in our heads! She’s fantastic and I’m so happy to know her!

Živilė StumbrienėTorfinn Losvik, CEO at the Nordic Fibreboard

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