It has been a while now since you have discovered that something has to change in your life. OTHERWISE YOU WILL EXPLODE. This feeling has been instantly growing in you. First there were only slightly perceptible signs appearing in your head from time to time. After some time, more and more questions began popping into your head. Currently you know that the time has come to take your life in your own hands.

You don’t have a bad life – you live in a nice apartment, your husband/partner earns decent money, kids are happy at school and some women might even envy you. You read the news, drink good coffee and have a bunch of trustworthy friends. That’s the outside image.

Inside you feel dull, empty, sometimes angry and frustrated. Your self-esteem is rather low, you don’t believe you can be somebody more than a (wonderful!) mother, a (great!) wife, an (amazing!) housewife. There is always not enough time for yourself – if only there were 34 instead of 24 hours! You lack balance, peace and patience for your close ones – even though you love them, they irritate you because… they want your attention and you just can’t give anymore.

Nevertheless, you are not finished with yourself yet – there is a spark in you which disturbs this negative stream of thought and makes you hope that you can do “much more” and become whoever you want.

Sometimes, when feeling optimistic, you know that you can find your own exceptional prescription to feel 100% full, whether it is a journey towards self-development, starting your own business, learning new skills or just strengthening your self-esteem. Anything you imagine can become a reality but…how to do it?

The good news is you have come to the right place! I’ve been helping women like you to find their true selves and what I have learned from them, is that we all have the power inside of us! It was Michelangelo – one of the greatest sculptors ever – who said that every block of stone has already a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. I am the sculptor and you are a beautiful statue!

how we will work together

how I work

No matter which programme you choose, there are some constant elements which make my work unique. They are: providing you with a mental space to think and contemplate, where you feel understood (I was also there!), accepted, cared for and appreciated.

The way I work really depends on the topic you are comming with. Usually, we start from discovering, where are you with your self-esteem, how much you feel yourself, how much you know what are your needs and what has to be done in order to meet these needs. Depending on a client, it takes one up to several sessions to work with these topics and move forward by setting the main goal. Actually, discovering your true-self and learning your needs might be the main goal as such. We can focus “only” on this aspect and strenghten you so much, that you don’t need coaching anymore, because you can manage by yourself. However, most of the clients I’ve been working with so far want to move forward by setting the action plan which will lead them to 1) finding a job 2) creating their own business 3) learning new skills 4) separating their own time from the family time and learning to live it in a productive way. During session spent with me, there is always time for retrospection, tears, difficult emotions, going back to difficult moments and all the other actions which are inevitable for a person to move forward. Take a look at the packages I offer and check if there is anything that could be suitable for you.



I know, what you feel because... I was there as well! I was angry, anxious, bored, frustrated and my level of self-confidence was definitelly below an average.

I would always compare myself to other successful women and would envy them self-confidence, energy and this light they were shining with. They had their business, their passion, their dreamed job and all I could see was just myself totally at the other end of the spectrum.

That time I had everything “what a woman can dream of”- I was raising my joyful 3 year old son, living in a beautiful Croatia, having carying husband and a bunch of positive people around me. Nevertheless I felt totally empty inside and didn’t know where I was going.  I just knew, that something has to change, otherwise I will explode.

I have started from working with my anger, trying to understand it and find the real reasons for feeling this way. After a few months working with coach, as I was comming closer and closer to its source, I was ready to take the next step and focus on my needs. It turned out that my head was full of opinions about myself which come from my everyone but me. I wanted to discover, who I really am and what I really want from life.

As I look back in time, I see many twists and turns I was experiencing that time. Finding myself wasn’t an easy process but because I was strongly willing to discover my true self, everytime I fell I would ultimately rise. There were a lot shed tears, dissapointments, pain and sweat but after I have gone through all of this, I gained the power and answer to many questions.

Today I have not only found what I was searching for but also I gained the power, energy and big passion about helping other women in their journey towards their happiness, whatever it is. Nobody else, only you, has to make this journey. I can be there for you as your companion, friend, emotional container, experienced traveler and last but not least, a coach who helps you to reach your goal.


Olga Kłosińska

Ewelina helped me to understand, respect and express my needs. She also taught me how to spot different angles of my problems I would never think of b...

Magda Lenartowicz

Ewelina helped me to master the art of setting the boundaries. Since I remember, I've been struggling with saying "no" to people. As an adult this p...

Kasia Olszewska

I still remember my astonishment when asked by Ewelina, during our fifth session, if there is anything else she can do for me in terms of coaching....

Lotte Sembach Madsen

During my sessions with Ewelina I went on a journey finding and understanding myself. Ewelina guides through questions – there are no judgements,...

Triin Rusanov

Ewelina is a genuinely caring, uplifting and positive person and a superb coach. Sessions with her are thoroughly professional and very well structu...

Dylan Jones

Under Ewelina's expert guidance, my journey of personal and professional growth has been productive, pivotal, and thoroughly enjoyable. Ewelina is a...

Aleksandra Roolaid

Ewelina helped me understand who I am, why I am the way I am, and how I can improve myself. During coaching sessions, while listening to my own voic...

Łukasz Martyniec

I am finally able to face my problems – and this I owe to Ewelina, whose approach and style of coaching exceeded my expectations!...

Dorota Kuzmicz

Ewelina gives you the space to understand yourself - and this is what makes her sessions powerful. I realised that after the first meeting with her...

Tim Heath

The riches are in you but you need help to get them out - this is what Ewelina helped me to understand and turn into practice. If, as I was, you are...

Mahitab Marzouk

I have tried many coaches and Ewelina is one of the few who follow the guidelines and respect the code of ethics while coaching. As a coach, I reali...

Łukasz Krupiński

During the sessions I feel safe and free to be whoever I am. Ewelina guides so smoothly yet firmly that, even if my mind wanders, I always come to t...

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