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Being a leader, an entrepreneur, a foreigner living and working in another country, a woman, a wife, a mother and... a human being helps me to understand challenges my clients are facing in everyday life. I strongly believe that we all have resources inside ourselves. Sometimes we just need someone to show us the bigger picture or to ask us questions we never thought of asking ourselves.

As an ACC solution-focused coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation I help my clients not only to discover, name and understand roadblocks standing in their way towards the change but I also equip them with all necessary tools essential in order to change old habits and replace old patterns with new ones.


As a student of the Jungian Analyst Training at the Polish Association of Jungian Analysts, I try to look at my clients not only from a self-development perspective but also – if necessary – to look beyond and discover if there are some signals from the unconscious which might be important during the process of change.


Holding diploma of master’s degree in law, postgraduate diploma in ethnology and cultural anthropology, running my own charity, having over 10 years of experience as a radio journalist, holding women’s circles in Estonia and giving lectures to private companies in different parts of Europe – all this experience impact the way how I show up and work with my clients.


Each person is different and each coaching session brings a different outcome. What is common to my overall work is that I treat my clients as my partners, providing them with space, understanding, empathy and acceptance.

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