Živilė Stumbrienė, Business Owner at Valge Spalve – There are many limiting beliefs we have in our heads that make sometimes difficult for us to move forward with our business. We are never good enough to ourselves, we often are afraid of what other people will think about us, when we fall down, we lose motivation to stand up.
Ewelina helped me to understand and believe that majority of limitations are in my head and I can be whoever I want to be! Thanks to her support, knowledge, and experience I took step after step on my path toward a successful business.

Having a coach next to you is a real blessing – you have somebody you can be accountable to, somebody who doesn’t judge you and creates as much space as you need in order to feel safe, accepted, motivated and strong. photo in attachment

Juliana Alcántara, Technical Product Analyst working in EstoniaStephanie Cohen

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