Olga Kłosińska

Olga Kłosińska Ewelina helped me to understand, respect and express my needs. She also taught me how to spot different angles of my problems I would never think of before. Even though I was in fact having conversations with my inner-self, Ewelina was guiding me by asking different, very accurate questions. Without her, I wouldn’t [...]

Kasia Olszewska

Kasia Olszewska I still remember my astonishment when asked by Ewelina, during our fifth session, if there is anything else she can do for me in terms of coaching. After scanning my body, feeling stability in my feet and ease while breathing I felt my inner-power capable of protecting me from the storm from the [...]

Lotte Sembach Madsen

Lotte Sembach Madsen During my sessions with Ewelina I went on a journey of finding and understanding myself. Ewelina guides through questions – there are no judgements, no answers given to you – you come up with your own answers and ideas on how to solve an issue or change your ways – and all [...]

Triin Rusanov

Triin Rusanov Ewelina is a genuinely caring, uplifting and positive person and a superb coach. Sessions with her are thoroughly professional and very well structured, so I always felt really comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with her. Our coaching sessions were mainly focused on personal growth and finding the reasons behind certain behavioural patterns [...]

Aleksandra Roolaid

Ewelina helped me understand who I am, why I am the way I am, and how I can improve myself. During coaching sessions, while listening to my own voice, I have discovered places in myself I haven’t been aware of for my whole life. Everytime we met, Ewelina was taking me for amazing journeys outside [...]

Dorota Kuzmicz

Dorota Kuźmicz Ewelina gives you the space to understand yourself - and this is what makes her sessions powerful. I realised that after the first meeting with her - at the beginning I was very skeptic and didn't understand, how am I going to take someone else’s advice or what will make me follow it [...]

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